Value Added Tax (VAT)

We’re an european-based company, and we accomplish european fiscal rules.

That’s to say:

  • for each payment made to us for the acquirements of services, a regular fiscal invoice will be issued

  • if you’re a non-european customer, no VAT will be charged to you

  • if you’re a european customer, VAT will be charged to you, according to following rules:

    • if you’re a Company, or a taxable person, with a VIES-recognized VAT code, no VAT will be charged to you: it’s your responsability account for VAT, according to your national fiscal law (reverse-charge mechanism)

    • if you’re a consumer, or if you have not a VIES-recognized VAT code, VAT will be charged to you in the measure prescribed by your own country (MOSS mechanism)

    • if you’re a slovenian consumer or company, regular slovenian VAT (DDV) will be charged to you

So, if you're a consumer located in European Union (EU), to comply with laws we need to apply VAT to the fees of our services.

  • The applicable VAT rate depends on your billing country.
  • We are required to collect local VAT on all transactions with our customers located in a certain european country (i.e. TVA for french customers, CBL for irish customers, IVA for italian customers etc.)
  • VAT will be listed on your proforma invoice and, after the payment, on your invoice.
  • If you're a VAT-registered business in the EU, you need add a valid VAT registration number to pay a price exclusive of VAT.
    You need to add your VAT number before making any payment (we can't retroactively apply a VAT number to a paid proforma invoice!!)
    Your VAT registration number will be specified on our invoices

For any inquiry about VAT applications and VAT applicable rules, open a support ticket!

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