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Infra Cloud Support (Enterprise)

  • Within 2 business hours.

  • Unlimited Tickets.

  • Major incident that is affecting a large group of users or which cause the website fully or partially in accessible and don’t have any defined workaround.

  • ASAP or 8 business hours depends upon the nature of the issue reported with mutual understanding.

    Infra Cloud Support (Business)

  • Within 12 business hours.

  • Unlimited Tickets.

  • Significant incident that is causing work to slow or stop.

  • Plan for resolution must be developed and Communicated within 24-36 business hours of receipt of the problem.

    Infra Cloud Support (Basic)

  • Within 24 business hours.

  • Unlimited Tickets.

  • Incidents that may be Impacting work but for which there is a workaround.

  • Plan for resolution will be communicated within 36-48 business hours.